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The work shown here ranges from writing for writing's sake, to narrative, to sound art, public art, graphics and web art as well as general photography.
Most of the items shown are examples of study undertaken throughout my attendance on a Contemporary Art course 2007-12. Since completing the course, austerity and parenthood have somewhat restricted me from persuing projects further though I still hope to add to the site over time so please check back.
Below are some extracts from the most recent 'work' items to be published to the site though this isn't necessarily the order in which the work has been undertaken or completed. There are many more items which may be accessed by following the links or by visiting the sitemap. Each work page has a number of menus available as well as navigation arrows that appear in either the left sidebar or at the foot of the page; these vary according to your device and browser settings. The site is a work in progress and if no arrows appear, then there are no further pages at this time.
I'm always grateful for any 'likes', 'shares' or constructive feedback regarding my work. Thank you for your visit to the site and I hope that you are able to find something of interest here.

morticia’s monday ►

Morticia’s mum, a rather ageing Goth rocker who had for much of her child’s formative years laid claim to being the recipient of an immaculate conception, returned to bed carrying with her the last tub of yoghurt which was by now two days past it’s sell-by – she had excruciating more ►

the blob ►

See I’d finished my decorating and was sat admiring the job, when there from the middle of the skirting board, my pleasure were disturbed by the sight of this blob. Now I could only see it in a certain light and anyone who’d already been to view the fruits of more ►

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