05 July, 2008

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Bad news for Hallam

Last week saw the final degree show and currently running is the final master's degree show to be held at Sheffield Hallam's Psalter Lane campus. Once again, long-term educational investment has been sacrificed for short-term financial gain and the real losers - the future generations who will ultimately pay the price for our greed. So it was in the past, so it is now and so it evermore will be... - or so it seems. The 'new facilities' offered to the art students at City campus are all but a (comparative) joke and morale couldn't be much lower. The staff appear to be doing just about anything that they possibly can to highlight the positives involved however these are seemingly few and far between. In short, it feels like everyone is perceiving the beginning of the end for the 'art department' and exactly what will evolve after the fat cats have fed their pension funds remains contentious. I will be sure to write more about this whole issue as situations unfold but for now, here's the first of some slideshows that I've been working on offering my interpretation of various third year pieces. The pieces are not in any order and I think it will be obvious to anyone who cares to look, that some images have been 'worked on' more than others. Please accept them at their face value, that being my interpretation rather than my opinion of another's work. There will be more to follow in the next days.

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The dancer's slideshow

I suppose that this one holds pride of place for me in some ways and not per se because of the quality of the photos (I'll leave that one for you to judge) but simply because it was one of the most wonderful nights that I have attended in a long time. 'Street Vibes' as they choose to be known are a group of self-motivated Sheffield kids who have formed themselves into a break dancing group and I consider it to have been a privilege to have been asked to photograph them at a show that they hosted in a crumby local theater. I have shit loads more images from this evening and will possibly upload some more slideshows at a later stage but these will have to do for now. It's apparent that I have 'treated' some of the images as well as chosen to initially shoot many of them on slow shutter speeds helping to eccentuate movement - see what you think.

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Finally, some slideshows!

So just click on the picki if you want to see a load of slideshows that I've been working on. Most of the photos were taken before I started on my degree course and I'm just posting them to bring the site up to date.

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